PHOTOS: Daughters live at the Masquerade

The group returned for its first Atlanta show since 2008

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Photo credit: Mike White

WHO: Daughters, with Wolf Eyes and HIDE.

WHAT: It’s been a while since Atlanta saw Rhode Island’s Daughters. The group's last show in Atlanta was on June 25, 2008, opening for Russian Circles at the Drunken Unicorn while supporting the album Hell Songs. A lot has happened in the last decade. After breaking up in 2009, Daughters released a self-titled album in early 2010, and decided not to tour to support the album. The break up was short lived, as the group played together again in 2016, and started working on new material. In October 2018, they released their latest album You Won't Get What You Want.

With a decade’s worth of anticipation building up, Daughters did not disappoint the sold-out crowd when they played the Masquerade's Hell stage. The band immediately went into “The Reason They Hate Me“ from You Won't Get What You Want, a scorcher of a song that has vocalist Alexis Marshall summoning his inner David Yow. Marshall was mesmerizing to watch as he strutted around and even jumped off the stage into the enthusiastic crowd while playing through a set that mainly focused on songs from the latest album including “Less Sex” and “Guest House.” You Won't Get What You Want introduced an industrial sound for the band which included the addition of a synthesizer. To reproduce these songs live the band enlisted touring keyboardist, Lisa Mungo. Unfortunately, original bassist Samuel Walker was unable to join the band for this tour, however, the rhythm section was in good hands with Chris Slorach from the band METZ filling in on bass, while drummer Jon Syverson held down the beat. After a healthy dose of new songs, the crowd became unhinged when the band played old favorites, “Daughters Spelled Wrong” and “Recorded Inside a Pyramid” from 2006’s Hell Songs. These numbers had guitarist Nick Sadler and touring guitarist Gary Potter spasticity dancing around the stage while trying not to collide with people wanting to stage dive.

After the show it was easy to see that Daughters delivered the goods to fans who had waited a decade to see them live. Every sweat-soaked fan had a huge smile on their face.

WHEN/WHERE: In Hell at the Masquerade. Wednesday, February 20.

See a gallery of Mike White's photos from the show below.