Summerhill: Atlanta's Early Jewish and Freed Slave Community

CL's ongoing coverage of the Organized Citizens of Summerhill about the Sense of Place and cultural roots of the neighborhood.

Several articles have been written about Atlanta's early settlers to the Summerhill neighborhood.

The AJC did a piece in March 2016 that took a look at the three African-American settlements in Atlanta: “After the Civil War, there were three major areas of African-American clustering,” says Tim Crimmins, Georgia State University history professor and director of the Center for Neighborhood and Metropolitan studies. “One was along Auburn Avenue, then called Wheat Street. One was east of what’s now Turner Field, Summerhill. And one was on the West Side, with the establishment of Atlanta University, now Morris Brown. That’s where churches and schools were located.”

The Atlanta Magazine took an in depth look at the neighborhood in 2013 as the Braves conversation heated up.

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