Podcast: 152 Nassau Street

Kyle Kessler discusses the fate of the South's first recording studio

Photo credit: Bill Torpy
WASTED AWAY AGAIN: Kyle Kessler stands in front of 152 Nassau Street, which once housed the South's first recording studio.
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In June of 2017, Kyle Kessler approached Creative Loafing with a story idea: After an extensive research project, Kessler had discovered the location of what was once a temporary recording studio set up by New York-based OKeh Records executive Ralph Peer at 152 Nassau Street.

OKeh’s Nassau Street recording sessions highlighted an array of Southern jazz numbers from Warner’s Seven Aces and Charlie Fulcher, spirituals from the Morehouse College Quartet, and blues tracks from Lucille Bogan, Eddie Heywood, and Fannie Mae Goosby. What also makes these sessions noteworthy is that it’s where famed Cabbagetown resident Fiddlin’ John Carson cut to wax his tunes “The Little Old Log Cabin in the Lane” and “The Old Hen Cackled and the Rooster’s Going to Crow,” stamping in time the beginning of commercially recorded country music. Now, this important historical site could soon fall prey to the wrecking ball, making way for a massive Jimmy Buffett's Margaritaville location.

On June 14, 2019, the 96th anniversary of Atlanta’s first recording session, I got together with Kessler to talk about the building’s potential fate. Press play above.

To learn more, read Kessler's CL feature story, "The little old brick building on Nassau StreetProposed Margaritaville construction could erase music history."

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