A3C Festival and Conference

Browse the many panels and speakers at A3C Festival and Conference, as well as the musical acts that are a part of the event. CL's critics & readers weigh in on festival activities.

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About A3C Festival and Conference

The A3C Festival and Conference will be held this October 8-13th at the Georgia Railroad Freight Depot. The festival will host a range of artists and keynote speakers in celebration of hip-hop music, history, and culture. As well as musical performances and lectures, there will also be music and business workshops that will focus on the future and current status of the music industry. The festival portion will feature performers like 2 Chainz Megan Thee Stallion, and Champagne Trap, while notable keynote speakers include former gubernatorial nominee, Stacey Abrams and streetwear pioneer, Dapper Dan.

While no specifics have been announced pertaining to the A3C Festival and Conference, keep checking back with Creative Loafing for the latest and most up to date info.

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