THE MOVE: Plan accordingly - January 2019

Hey, y’all! What’s the Move?

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Photo credit: Still from The APX video “Jupiter”
CALLING ALL FUNKBOTZ: The APX drops the funk at the House of Funk party.

The Move is a column intended to help you beat the fight against basic, one move at a time. Look here for all the best underground events in ATL. Warning of side effects: Overdose of culture. Exposure to high levels of Queerdom. Wallet weight gain from lack of overpriced ticket purchase. Consume at your own risk. 

No pro tip this month. Instead, a shout-out to the Queen of ATL, the mamita we all loved, Speakerfoxxx. You showed us that being a boss has nothing to do with gender. You taught me about Thai tea and mixtapes. You helped me eliminate my fear of bangs. More than anything, you inspired this city and have left a legacy nothing short of badass. I wouldn’t have a clue what the move is in ATL without you, Queen.


House of Funk Atlanta — One Night Only Acid House co-creator DJ Pierre opened Wildpitch Underground, downtown’s newest dance party. The line-up is consistent if you are into house music, but this House of Funk is guaranteed good vibes with The Apex, DJ Kemit, Treasure Fingers, and Taradactyl. If you don’t know these folks, give them a Google because you should. 255 Trinity Ave.



Ecstatic Dance Atlanta — Every Sunday A sober daytime dance party with only three guidelines: Move however you wish, no talking on the dance floor, respect yourself and one another. If you are naturally awkward, this is a great place to transform, and it’s a lot closer than Burning Man. Join at Chosewood Ballroom, conveniently located at 420 McDonough Blvd. S.E.. Grab some prison tacos at El Progresso before/after. Also, join in anytime between 12-2 p.m. for as little or as long as you like. No pressure here! Ecstatic Dance Atlanta


Tales: The Telling of Firsts featuring Jessica Elaine Blinkhorn Curatorial platform has been hunkered down at The Bakery this winter with the project “bakie’s kansas city,” a time-based art bar that is a cozy space for experimentation, conversation, and fun. Join ALTERED MEANS for “Tales: The Telling of Firsts,” an evening of performance art featuring Jessica Elaine Blinkhorn’s “Drought,” a personal narrative regarding the influence society can have on the way individual(s) view the sexual identity of, and intimacy with, the disabled. Using her form, surrogates, and sound, Blinkhorn creates a visually engaging scene while selectively pointing to audience members and assigning tasks that encourage physical interaction between herself and the viewer. 825 Warner St. S.W. @TheBakeryATL


Labyrinth at the Plaza Wussy Mag has been selling out the Plaza for sometime now with their selection of campy cult classics. January’s selection, the 1986 Bowie classic, Labyrinth, also comes with costume prizes for the best Goblin, Goblin Kings or Queens, and a DEMAND for audience members to get rowdy. Hosted by the Goblin Queen, Molly Rimswell, 2018 Best of Atlanta Winner. All ages welcome! Plaza Theatre, 1049 Ponce De Leon Ave. N.E. @WussyMag

Mdou Moctar Visitors at 529 Dear Mdou Moctar, forgive my ignorance and being uncertain how to pronounce your name, but I dig your sounds. Thanks for teaching me I’m into desert guitar music. An intimate setting at 529 in East Atlanta Village feels right on for this sound bath. 529 Flat Shoals Ave. S.E. @mdou_moctar 

Seun Kuti & Fela’s Egypt 80 at The Masquerade Afrobeat royalty Sean Kuti’s tours continue his father’s legacy, and keep him close to his Egyptian roots. Heaven at The Masquerade might feel elevated during this live performance with some very vibey beats and rhythms. If you want to globalize your listening palate, start here. (This has been moved to Feb. 16.)50 Lower Alabama St. The Masquerade

New MJQ Wednesdays — Every Wednesday After getting fake married and divorced at MJQ, I took a few Wednesdays off to recover. Now it looks like I’ll be heading back on the reg with my girl Brigitte Bidet letting all us tryin’ heauxs in for free, ALL. NIGHT. Ree de la Vega, Sofa King (Theo Celeste), Anonima, JSPORT (Jay Levy), Divine Interface (Drew Briggs) and Jash Jay (Jay Philip Johnson) for our listening pleasures on Ponce. Bless our hearts. 736 Ponce De Leon Ave. N.E. @mjqofficial


QWIK Education: The Art of Love through Sacred Intimacy A friend of mine recently turned me on (pun almost always probably intended) to the group Queer Women in Kink, aka QWIK. The online community is engaging and feels like an extremely safe place to discuss intimacy, find a play partner, learn about roping, or just meet like-minded, progressive women in the streets and the sheets. The Art of Love through Sacred Intimacy is Maisha Najuma Aza’s multidimensional approach to intimacy, in a female affirming setting at the Rush Center. If an open discussion about intimacy makes you cringe, go and sit up front. It’ll be good for you. 1530 DeKalb Ave. N.E.

2019 Atlanta Biennial: Reception The exhibition A thousand tomorrows aims to address complexities and deep vernacular traditions of the Southeast. Twenty regional artists share their voices through visual arts, television, fiber arts, music and sound. You will likely be inspired by the art and the attendees. 535 Means St. N.W. @AtlantaContemporary 


Gallery: An Experimental Video Game Showcase It’s a gallery inside a gallery inside a bar! Focusing on time-based interactive art, avantBeetle is curating a show that revolves around the theme of virtual galleries. This casual exhibition will be a part of The Bakery’s bakie’s kansas city, an art bar that welcomes all kinds of creatives to hang out and share ideas and a drink or two. This event will be going on all day, so pop by for an afternoon and get lost in virtual art galleries. Featured artists include Moshe Linke, The Zium Museum, AAArtgames, and more to come! 825 Warner St. S.W. @thebakeryATL


Nonsense Atlanta Disco Society III Nonsense ATL’s DJ Kimber and her party-throwing husband don’t have any human kids, but if they did, it’d be the kyootest nonsense disco baby. Go to the Basement in EAV and celebrate surviving another January. Because like my mother never said, there’s no such thing as too much disco. 1245 Glenwood Ave. S.E. @NonsenseATL

Bonus: There are an umpteen amount of Super Bowl 53 events happening leading up to the big game, which is on February 3 at Mercedes Benz Stadium. Visit creativeloafing.com for a list of most SB53 events, big and small, from corporate America’s super sponsors to underground Atlanta’s off-the-grid tailgates. Yay sports.1 AMB Drive Northwest.