NEWS BRIEF: System for tracking sexual assault kits moves forward

Sexual assaults tracking device

Sexual Assault Kit
Photo credit: Courtesy Oklahoma Bureau of Investigations
Rape Kit
A new tracking system aimed at preventing backlogs of sexual assault kits is being tested in half a dozen Georgia counties this month. The pilot initiative in the jurisdictions of Athens-Clarke, Richmond, Dougherty, Carroll, Gwinnett, and Chatham counties “is a significant step in the fight for justice for victims of sexual assault, as it will enable survivors to track the status of their kit as it moves through the criminal justice system,” a press release from the Criminal Justice Coordinating Council announced. State Rep. Scott Holcomb, a longtime advocate for sexual assault victims, says the program “will provide updates to survivors as well as information about the incidence of these crimes to policymakers and law enforcement." cjcc.georgia.gov