NEWS BRIEF: New breakfast joint gets a handle on employee retention

People will work for a decent wage.

Snooze Logo Eps
Photo credit: Courtesy Snooze AM
Restaurants all over town are having trouble hiring and keeping staff, but when a new place on Howell Mill Road advertised for around 60 openings, it received more than 500 applications. Snooze, part of a growing Denver-based breakfast chain - with cocktails - is paying new hires a hefty $17 to $18 an hour and offers them emergency funds, input on the company’s future, and days off for volunteer work at a local charity of their own choosing. The company also promotes environmental initiatives in an effort to “expand sustainably.” CEO David Burzon calls it “a way to feel a little better about what they're doing … be a part of something bigger than yourself.”  nrn.com