NEWS BRIEF: Woman gives birth on plane at Atlanta airport after mid-flight labor

Plane lands with one passenger more than it took off with

Delta Airport Joeff Davis 2015
Photo credit: CL File
Atlanta Fire Rescue personnel helped to deliver a baby girl on board a plane that had just landed from Mexico after her mother went into labor during the flight. Liliana Castaneda Acevedo said her daughter Analia was not supposed to arrive for another month. Emergency medical services providers rushed onto the aircraft at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport after an alert from air traffic controllers, and passengers erupted into applause once the baby was born. Mother and child are doing well and will be released from hospital on Thursday. “Us as firefighters, we don’t deal with many happy moments. We deal with a lot of chaos and things like that, so being able to experience a moment with some happiness was gratifying,” said Marlo Blas with Atlanta Fire Rescue’s Aviation EMS team. newsweek.com