NEWS BRIEF: DeKalb failing to provide shelter for homeless in winter, advocates say

Homeless left out in the cold?

Photo credit: CL File
Advocates for the homeless say DeKalb County is not doing enough to keep people warm during the winter. Dr. Sara Patenaude, chair of Coalition for a Diverse DeKalb, said at a Jan. 7 press conference that the county “was caught with its pants down this winter in providing shelter for unhoused residents” and called it “completely unacceptable,” Patenaude added that county leadership must open more warming centers throughout the county with showers, hot meals, cots to sleep on, and connections to wrap-around support services. However, Community Development Director Allen Mitchell said the county is known for taking care of homeless people. “We have an elaborate continuum of care to eradicate homelessness in DeKalb County and have been (doing so) for years,” he said. cbslocal.com