NEWS BRIEF: Emory Healthcare announces cancer treatment collaboration

‘Access to to specialized cancer expertise’ to be more readily available

Emory Healthcare
Photo credit: Courtesy Emory Healthcare
A company that provides cancer expertise to employers and their health care affiliates has begun a foundational collaboration with Emory Healthcare and the Winship Cancer Institute of Emory University. The deal with AccessHope, based in California, will provide “access to specialized cancer expertise to more people living with complex cancers across the United States,” a press release stated. “Our primary goal is to share insights they can use to optimize cancer treatment plans and improve clinical outcomes,” said AccessHope CEO Mark Stadler. Dr. Jonathan Lewin of Emory Healthcare added, “Through innovation and discovery, our clinicians and cancer specialists are focused on advancing medical research and progressive cancer treatments that will benefit those who are diagnosed, and we are pleased to collaborate with AccessHope to provide further access to patients in need of cancer expertise.” businesswire.com