NEWS BRIEF: Finalists announced for mural honoring World War II activist

Graffiti activist to be honored in Cabbagetown

Sophie Scholl 3
Photo credit: Courtesy Cabbagetown Initiative
A non-violent activist and graffiti artist executed by the Nazis will be honored with a mural in Cabbagetown painted by the winner of a contest. Sophie Scholl was a 22-year-old student convicted of high treason for distributing anti-war propaganda at the University of Munich; she was beheaded at Stadelheim Prison in 1943. Cabbagetown Initiative and Goethe-Zentrum have announced six finalists for the project — Cathryn Bozone, Dizzy Dain, Jonesy, Yuzly Mathurin, Eric Nine, and Rebecca Shenfeld — and the winning artist will be paid $3500 to paint a mural at 97 Estoria, near the Krog Street Tunnel and Eastside BeltLine. cabbagetown.com