NEWS BRIEF: DeKalb scuttles plan to end drug tests for job applicants

Pot smokers need not apply

Ted Terry
Photo credit: Courtesy Dekalb County Commission
Dekalb Commissioner Ted Terry
DeKalb County Commissioner Ted Terry’s bid to end marijuana testing for job applicants has been rejected by his colleagues. The former mayor of Clarkston had proposed that Georgia’s fourth most populous county should discontinue the requirement, warning it could deter potential workers from submitting applications. The stipulation does not apply to those seeking employment as police officers, firefighters or equipment operators. “It puts DeKalb County government at a disadvantage when it comes to attracting the best and brightest employees,” Terry said. “This was an effort to change an antiquated policy; an outdated, war-on-drugs policy that is unjust, unfair.” In a statement, Commissioner Mereda Davis Johnson argued that marijuana can impair "judgment, motor coordination, and reaction time.” usnews.com