NEWS BRIEF: “Philosophical marathon” coming to Woodruff Arts Center

‘Where are we going’

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Photo credit: CL FILE
Performance at the High Museum located in the Woodruff Arts Center

A six-hour cultural and intellectual marathon is taking place at the Woodruff Arts Center this month with performances, screenings, readings, music and philosophical debate in the presence of thinkers, social scientists, novelists, activists, philosophers and artists from France, the United States and beyond, a press release announced.

The Night of Ideas on Saturday, May 14 is presented by the Atlanta mayor’s Office of Cultural Affairs in partnership with the French Embassy. Participating in the event will be the Fulton County Arts and Culture agency and Emory University’s Science Gallery. The theme of the evening is “Where Are We Going” and it’s billed as a philosophical marathon “in which individuals come together from various backgrounds, interests, and skill sets to rethink the relationships people have both with the world and each other.” nightofideas.org

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