NEWS BRIEF: Death of bees becomes vital lesson for students

Meghan McCloskey rescues 15,000 bees

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Photo credit: CL FILE
Bees flying around their hive.

The death of scores of honeybees at Atlanta’s airport last month is being used by a local educator to show how crucial they are to human existence. Beekeeper Meghan McCloskey, a teacher at Springdale Park Elementary School, was able to take 5,000 rescued bees to a hive at the school’s rooftop garden and another 10,000 to a hive at home.

The bees have now created a new queen cell that is expected to hatch in roughly two weeks, McCloskey announced on Friday. Her students have been captivated with the bees’ transition to their new abode and some have even started beekeeping at home. “For me, having the bees here is about setting up…how these kids will treat bees in the future.” axios.com