NEWS BRIEF: Food foundation launches westside food pantry

Everyone Eats teams up with Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield

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Photo credit: Everyone Eats Facebook
Everyone Eats Volunteer Gathering Supplies

Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield in Georgia has announced a partnership with the Everyone Eats Foundation that will create a food pantry, community garden, restaurant and soup kitchen on the westside of Atlanta, backed by a $150,000 grant.

“Individuals and families would be able to help grow and access fresh vegetables and develop valuable skills they could apply at home,” a press release states. “Produce from the garden would also be incorporated into meals provided in the restaurant/soup kitchen.” Everyone Eats has helped more than 32,000 families in the last five years through a combination of events, mobile delivery, and pop-up markets to bring food and other services to residents throughout Atlanta. everyoneeatsfoundation.org