NEWS BRIEF: State orders Druid Hills school building renovation

Students get needed school repairs

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DRUID HILLS HIGH SCHOOL Finally gets Much Needed renovations

Druid Hills High School will finally get its desperately needed overhaul after intervention by state officials. Superintendent Richard Woods told the district approval of its general facility plans would not be forthcoming unless it specifically addressed conditions at Druid Hills.

The DeKalb County school board had previously voted three times against repairing the dilapidated structure, despite a well-organized campaign by students that included posting videos of its appalling conditions. The ensuing fallout included the scapegoat firing of district chief Cheryl Watson-Harris. Interim Superintendent Vasanne Tinsley said Tuesday some of Druid Hills’ immediate needs such as broken sewer lines and roof repairs will be completed within two weeks, and that heating, ventilation and air conditioning fixes are underway. ktar.com