NEWS BRIEF: New gift card scheme focuses on small businesses

Small businesses are fly

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Gift Cards can be used at a variety of Atlanta Businesses

Small businesses in Georgia are getting targeted support from a startup company that just launched 300 different community gift card programs in the state, each specific to a town or city. The aim is to steer consumers to independent traders as opposed to national chains, where the cards cannot be used.

“The whole idea is to bring more dollars and attention to small businesses,” says Mark Walerysiak, an executive at Connecticut-based Giverrang. “The big guys have the benefit of having huge resources behind them so we really want to help the small guys as much as possible.”

Additionally, Giverrang has a new Local Affiliate program and is seeking individuals and nonprofits to join in. For every card that sells, Giverrang will donate a percentage of profits to each organization, a press release noted. Details: