NEWS BRIEF: DEA hiring hundreds of agents to combat opioid epidemic

Must pass physical assessment, written test, interview, polygraph, psychological, and background examinations

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Photo credit: CL FILE
"I can’t even imagine what the next 20 years (are) going to look like."

The Drug Enforcement Administration wants to recruit hundreds of “untypical” special agents nationwide to combat the opioid epidemic, says Rob Murphy, Special Agent in Charge of DEA Atlanta.

Applicants must first be able to pass a strenuous physical assessment before moving on to a written test and an interview with a panel of special agents. After that candidates go through medical, psychological and polygraph examinations as well as a background investigation. Only about 5 percent of applicants end up getting hired.

“There isn’t a typical DEA agent,” Murphy says, adding that people with experience in law enforcement, military, finance and the internet should apply. “We need to hire the next generation of the best and brightest to help us combat this drug threat that’s going to be ever-changing. I can’t even imagine what the next 20 years (are) going to look like.” Details: wagmtv.com