NEWS BRIEF: Georgia Power proposes 12 percent rate hike over three- year period

‘A significant burden to household budgets’

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Photo credit: Georgia Power
On top of a monthly rate increase of $3.78

Georgia Power wants customers to pay 12 percent more over the next three years for system improvements, rising costs, and higher profits, the company said Friday. That’s on top of a monthly rate increase of $3.78 already approved by the Public Service Commission that will kick in as soon as the first of two nuclear units at Plant Vogtle are up and running.

"Too many Georgians already struggle to pay their power bills," Georgia Watch executive Liz Coyle told GPB. “This new rate increase would add a significant burden to household budgets." Under the scheme, Georgia Power would collect an additional $2.8 billion over the duration, as opposed to a $1.77 billion cumulative increase in the current three-year rate plan. Details: gpb.org