NEWS BRIEF: Fourth of July cookout costs 17 percent more than a year ago, survey says

Prices skyrocket for Independence celebrations

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Photo credit: Victorgrigas (Public Domain)
Costs for America's Birthday go up by almost a 4th!

Independence Day revelers cooking up feasts this weekend will have paid an average of $69.68 for their hamburgers, hot dogs, pork chops, chicken breasts, potato salad, strawberries and ice cream, an American Farm Bureau Federation survey concludes. The average cost of a summer cookout for ten people is now just under seven dollars per person, and the overall cost is up 17 percent — or about ten dollars — from last year as a result of ongoing supply chain disruptions, inflation and the Ukraine war.

Roger Cryan of the AFBF says those factors have also made farm supplies more expensive. "Bottom line — in many cases the higher prices farmers are being paid aren't covering the increase in their farm expenses; the cost of fuel is up and fertilizer prices have tripled." The largest year-to-year price increase is ground beef at $11.12 for two pounds, up 36 percent, but wholesale beef prices are down 14 percent. Details: metroatlantaceo.com