NEWS BRIEF: Classroom materials for 9/11 teaching now available

‘Great tools…to discuss a difficult time in American History’

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Teaching about disaster in a non-damaging way

A recent poll on intolerance found that 51 percent of Muslim parents surveyed said their children suffered bullying in school, according to the Islamic Speakers Bureau of Atlanta. Ahead of the upcoming September 11 anniversary, the ISB is recommending the use of age-appropriate resources to examine ongoing consequences of the attacks.

The material addresses the history and impact of 9/11 and is designed for students of all religious, ethnic, and national backgrounds. It “provides great tools for teachers, leaders and parents to discuss a very difficult time in American History while maintaining a space of belonging and dignity of all involved in the discussion,” says Dr. Tommy Welch, Gwinnett County Public Schools’ Chief Equity & Compliance Officer. “The protocols and literature come as a timely resource to assist educators ensure a classroom of belonging while discussing the terrorist attack of 9/11 as concerns of divisive topics in classrooms loom in communities and legislation.” The information can be found at isbatlanta.org