NEWS BRIEF: Georgia voters can receive partially-completed absentee ballot request forms, says state courts

A small ‘win’ for democracy

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Fighting against anti-voter laws

In the continuing battle for voting rights, Georgia voters and VoteAmerica have won a small victory.

Last year marked the passing of SB 202, also known as the "Election Integrity Act of 2021,” a law that made it illegal for voters to receive unsolicited absentee applications in the mail and for organizations to send out multiple absentee ballot applications. Many claim this legislation is an “anti-voter law” that takes away the ability for voters to easily register to receive absentee ballots.

Monday, VoteAmerica struck back after the courts granted voting organizations permission to send out partially-completed absentee ballot application forms to Georgia voters. Georgians wanting to receive a form will have to request it online.

Voters can also go to securemyabsenteeballot.sos.ga.gov to request an absentee ballot, but will have to print, sign, and mail the form themselves. According to a new law, they must also make the request at least 11 days prior to the election.

Danielle Lang, an attorney for the Campaign Legal Center, seemed happy with the legal win, but upset that this fight is so strongly contested. “The collective work of these organizations to assist voters and strengthen our democracy should be commended instead of being called into question or halted by frivolous, anti-voter laws.”

There has been a new wave of anti-voter laws passed since 2020, which included the banning of giving food and drinks to people waiting to vote. ajc.com