Uh oh. Evander Holyfield is already changing his story. Now, he says, he did take some type of "hormone medication" for fatigue he attributes to contracting hepatitis A.

Holyfield told the AJC's Jeff Schultz that he thinks he contracted hepatitis A by eating bad shrimp in 1995. He says he took the hormone medication briefly in 2004, but that it didn't work and he stopped taking it.

Schultz, who has always done a stellar job covering Holyfield and the boxing world in general, also writes in today's paper that Holyfield said he considered taking steroids back in 1988 when he decided to move up from the cruiserweight division to heavyweight and needed to add poundage. Someone high up in boxing allegedly told him: "Well, Mike Tyson is doing it; you should, too."

Holyfield says he responded, "I don't care if Tyson is doing it, I'm not."