In case you missed it, Creative Loafing's Atlanta City Guide launched this week. It's an insider's guide to the city, with information on more than 1,000 locations in more than 40 ITP and OTP neighborhoods via streamlined new web and mobile sites. The whole shebang took nearly a year to complete. We're ready for a drink.

We're celebrating the launch this weekend with a pub crawl from 5-10 p.m. in East Atlanta Village. Stops include Flatiron, Midway Pub, Octopus Bar (opening early just for us), the Glenwood, Tomatillos, and the Graveyard Tavern. We've mapped the route and schedule for you after the jump.

A $10 ticket gets you cheap drinks (as in $1 or $2 drinks) and the chance to win free tickets to Music Midtown, TomorrowWorld, Braves games, and more, including VIP tickets to ONE Music Fest. The pub crawl wristband also gets you free entry into Graveyard for the HXV BDAY party. Buy Pub Crawl tickets in advance here. Launch party is 21+. Please remember to enjoy responsibly.

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CL's ATL City Guide Launch Party Pub Crawl in EAV

5 pm: Check in at Flatiron for your wristband and a raffle for a pair of Music Midtown tickets.

6:15pm: Head over to Midway Pub for a raffle for Braves vs Marlins tickets.

7:00pm: Crawl over to Octopus Bar and a raffle for VIP tickets to CL's Best of Atlanta Party featuring Reptar + more

7:45pm: Drop into the Glenwood for a raffle for Cirque du Soleil tickets

8:30pm: Cross the street into Tomatillos for a raffle for TomorrowWorld tickets

9:15pm: Finish out the night at Graveyard Tavern for a raffle for VIP ONE Music Fest tickets, and stick around for a DJ battle between Respire, Sofa King Evil, and VAVLT Boys! The winner will play the CL Party Deck at ONE Music Fest!