5:57 p.m., March 4, 2015, 655 Central Ave. SW

I have always loved going to the fair. There are certain things that I have come to expect
to experience there regardless of the place or time of day. And the Atlanta Fair is no different. The screams of people that are being launched through the air or spun in circles at high velocity. The feeling of weightlessness as I take my chances on the rides themselves. The calls from barkers as I make my way down the Midway to play their games and win a prize. The smell of sausages, funnel cakes, corn dogs, and other artery-clogging delights. All of these combine into a sensory overload that you can only get from a traveling fair.

This photo in particular sums up one part of that experience. The woman and her daughter were wide-eyed and screaming as we were sling-shot around a curve in the tracks. There seems to me to be a mix of joy and a smidgen of fear on their faces as they hold onto each other and their bodies are thrust to the side of the roller-coaster car.