Mysteries of Cancer Revealed

Saturday July 15, 2017 12:00 AM EDT
Cost: Free,

From the venue:

Engineers are set to announce findings from a seven year review of cancer research. The RCS Educational Foundation, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation that conducted the research which succeeds in answering many questions surrounding cancer. Engineers used a combined research methodology consisting of a systemic review of literature, empirical research, case studies and in-house testing to cross various medical disciplines in coming up with the answers. They are now sharing the findings by offering free seminars across the area. On July 15th they will be at Fayetteville Main Library in downtown Fayetteville starting at 11 am.

What makes this research different and exciting is that it was conducted by Engineers focused on identifying workable solutions to the cancer epidemic. Having a fresh set of independent, unbiased eyes review cancer research produced insights and extended findings to come up with solutions. When asked what new findings will be presented, Clay Smith, the director of research, responded saying, "One of the significant findings is that we were able to quantify the benefit of lifestyle factors, such as eating habits and exercise that are frequently attributed with being the cause of cancer."

Additionally, RCSEFi is using the findings to launch an effort to reduce breast cancer in Fayetteville and surrounding areas by 15% over the next three years. Clay Smith says 2020 Fayetteville is a grassroots effort to put these findings to work at reducing the cancer burden in a specific and measurable manner.

The seminars offer valuable information for those seeking to prevent cancer and maintain health, or to those currently dealing with cancer.

The email address for more information is MysteriesOfCancer at gmail.com and the website is www.MysteriesOfCancer.com.

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