An Incredible Tasting of Grower Champagnes

Thursday September 6, 2018 07:00 pm EDT
Cost: $20
Individual growers who have decided against selling their “juice” to the big Champagne houses and who have opted to make their own Champagne, call them Grower Champagnes. Only 5% of the Champagne imported into the US is Growers Champagne, it’s scarce… hard-to-come-by. You should drink them if you’d rather have a wine expressive of vineyard, and the grower’s own connection to vineyard than a wine “formed’ by the mega-conglomerate Champagne Houses whose main goal is to make their Champagnes taste exactly the same every year . You should drink them because they’re made by vintners – by a “him or her” not an “it”… because it’s better to buy a wine from a person than a company. You should drink them because you like the vineyards’ stories and you like something different, and serving something different to your friends and family. Register in advance as this event will fill!
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