Groove Moose, The Aquaducks

Thursday January 24, 2019 09:00 pm EST
Cost: $10-$15
Created as the byproduct of three GCSU students’ attempt at offsetting rural boredom, Groove Moose’s encapsulating groove rock has withstood the odds. Although guitarist/vocalist Bob Titolo, bassist/vocalist Zack Johnson, and drummer Tyler Dean began noticing larger and rowdier crowds at each performance, the band split up in favor of getting real jobs once the members finished their tenure at GCSU. However, Groove Moose reformed years later with a newly forged passion and new drummer Chris Rice, after a similar bout of boredom led them to an impromptu jam session at a party. Groove Moose now plays their brand of danceable blues-twinged prog rock that finds a home at the intersection of creative and relatable. — Will Cardwell
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