Stories I Can’t Tell in Church: My Life as a Straight White Male Baptist Minister Ally of the LGBTQ Community

Minister Ally
Courtesy of 7 Stages
Thursday January 17, 2019 08:00 PM EST
Cost: $20,

From the venue:

Jim Dant has made waves in South Carolina as pastor of Greenville’s ‘100% Inclusive’ First Baptist Church – the only church to serve as a tour venue for the San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus ‘2017 Lavender Pen Tour.’  He’s made waves nationally with the publication and explosive sales of his latest book ‘This I Know: A Simple Biblical Defense of LGBTQ Christians.’  He’s received hundreds of threats, taunts and damning messages…but he’s still smiling! You will be smiling too as he shares the hilarious content of some of these correspondences, as well as, his personal responses to ignorance and hate.

Jim’s simple (but not simplistic) theological savvy, his deep love for all people and his boundless bawdy humor will have you rolling in the aisle…and…rolling up your sleeves to make a difference in the world.

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