Current Joys, Gap Girls, Neaptide

Monday February 11, 2019 07:00 pm EST
Cost: $13
Amongst all the bedroom-pop craftsmen of the Bandcamp generation, Current Joys — the solo project of Nevada-born Nick Rattigan — stands out as a sort of anomaly. In the past decade alone, Rattigan has released eight albums as Current Joys, Surf Curse, and other projects that are not only consistent but strikingly potent and emotionally resonant. With his latest, A Different Age, Rattigan has expanded the introverted guitar rock of his previous work into sprawling, moody soundscapes laced with sweeping riffs and his emotive wail bringing it all to a fever pitch. Forget the balladeers of time past, Current Joys is here to bring anthems and ballads for the 21st century. — Jake Van Valkenburg
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