Daughters, Wolf Eyes, HIDE

Photo by Reid Haithcock
Wednesday February 20, 2019 07:00 pm EST
Cost: $18 (adv).

Daughters' You Won't Get What You Want is an anti-comeback album. Released in October 2018, nearly a decade after the celebrated noise rock band quietly — almost secretly — went on hiatus, the album shows the quartet in an almost entirely new light. Rather than take a comfortable victory lap in the succinct squalls of artful grindcore/slowed and seething progish metal for which they were formerly known, Daughters' fourth LP mines artful, industrial-tinged anthems of meditated morbidity. Now, founding members Alexis Marshall (vocals), Jon Syverson (drums), and Nick Sadler (guitar), along with Sam Walker (bass), return to Atlanta alongside Detroit trip metal-psycho jazz heroes Wolf Eyes and Chicago-based industrial music duo HIDE, for a night of unbridled sonic mayhem. — Bobby Power

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