"Fair Game: Surviving A 1960 Georgia Lynching" - A Documentary Film Screening & Discussion

Wednesday February 13, 2019 03:30 pm EST
Cost: Free, with Registration

Categories: History, Race, Culture
Five years after Emmett Till, a Black New Jersey mother moved heaven and earth to rescue her son from a Southwest Georgia town notorious for lynching. Boston-based documentary filmmaker Clennon L. King dedicates his 65-minute film to the 24 known Black men lynched in Blakely and Early County - the ancestral home of Cissy and Whitney Houston and Dionne Warwick - and to his father, Georgia's legendary civil rights attorney C.B. King, who tried to prevent 24-year-old Navy veteran James Fair, Jr. from becoming victim #25. The Albany native will introduce the film, before leading a post screening discussion and audience Q&A, part of Ga. Tech's Black History Month programming lineup.

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