Kat Edmonson

Banner Kat Edmonson
Courtesy of City Winery
Wednesday March 27, 2019 06:00 pm EDT
Cost: $24-$30
In many ways, Houston-born Kat Edmonson seems as if she’s been transported from another era. Though her original lyrics have a definite modern-day sensibility, the singer’s musical values are firmly rooted in the past. A dedicated aficionado of the Great American Songbook, Edmonson makes timeless music for grown-ups, a style she calls “vintage pop.” After woodshedding for years in clubs, Edmonson recorded 2009’s Take to the Sky. Since then, she has honed her skills as a songwriter and producer; she already had the singing part nailed. Her most recent release, the aptly titled Old Fashioned Gal, is another deft balance of classic and current. — Bill Kopp
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650 North Ave
Atlanta, GA 30308