Moment Love

Sunday March 10, 2019 11:30 AM EDT
Cost: $10,

From the venue:

Atlanta Contemporary presents Movement Love, a yoga series presented by Maggie Benoit and collaborating audio and visual artists. The collaborating artist this month is JD Walsh of Shy Layers.

Admission is $10

All money received will go to each collaborating artists. Visitors can purchase tickets on the day of the event at the welcome desk. Supporters receive $2 off admission with valid member ID.


Maggie Benoit

Maggie Benoit’s objective is to produce enriching experiences that bolster the arts alongside entrepreneurial efforts in Atlanta. Her focus is to strengthen a community driven network, a conversation, a connection to resources and a place for beings to express constructively. This way the individual and community grow by staying curious, asking questions, creating solutions, as well as learning constructs of both personal and social space. The question arises, “how does one define the ability to connect the intimately personal to another tangibly?” Such an expression means finding love for self, love for another, love for something that holds meaning. Sharing said experience defines a landscape of varied media through intentional integration of work and life.

Shy Layers

Blending a panoply of colorful styles from Balearic pop to African highlife and Krautrock, Atlanta’s Shy Layers garnered critical acclaim upon the release of his eponymous 2016 full-length debut. The project of musician and visual artist JD Walsh, Shy Layers utilizes bright guitar lines, vocoder, live and programmed beats, and a variety of analog synth tones to create layered pop that often recalls the dance-oriented ’80s output of Arthur Russell and even vintage Kraftwerk.

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