The Jimmy King Experience featuring Gritz & Jelly Butter

2019 03 19
Courtesy of City Winery
Wednesday April 10, 2019 08:00 pm EDT
Cost: $20-$25

Best consumed live, a standard serving of Gritz & Jelly Butter includes a mix of Soul, R&B, Hip Hop, Reggae, and Classic Rock vibes delivered with a distinct & unique flair that is undeniable. At one moment, a sultry, well-formed ballad, delivered with gentle precision by the soulful crooner j.winston. Moments later your mood is suddenly interrupted by a raw and captivating jam session joint. Yep!

Be assured that the rhythmic combination of Live Keyboard, Drums, and proper thumpage pulsating on Bass will awaken your senses and delight your ears. Cover songs old and new gain new identities…while the band's impressive list of originals paves the way for a new brand of soul/funk music.

Listen to the tracks in the background as you do your You thing. You’ll find that you won't need to work too hard to feel or understand their message. In fact, if you're patient...the music will find you.

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650 North Ave
Atlanta, GA 30308