Avneesh Sarwate, Klimchak, Infinite Third

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Courtesy of the Bakery
Wednesday April 24, 2019 09:00 pm EDT
Cost: $7-$10

Face of Knives Productions & Eyedrum Art and Music gallery Present: An Evening of Experimental, Electroacoustic, and Audiovisual Art

Avneesh Sarwate: ATL / NYC based Software engineer and Computer musician with an emphasis on interactive art. A Georgia Tech Graduate, Sarwate is also notable for his involvement with Grind Arts Company and The Princeton Laptop Orchestra. This evening he will be closing the night with an hour long interactive audiovisual performance.

Klimchak: Composer/percussionist Klimchak builds elaborate structures of interlocking melody & rhythm, then obliterates those structures with bursts of noise, random drones, and slabs of spontaneous improvised sound. Expect to see some combination of home built instruments, computerized sound design and a mess of drums, flutes and maybe a theremin.

Infinite Third (St. Peterburg, FL) - Guitar and electronics driven drone, loops and beats for transportation, reflection, and introspection.

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