Matthew Kaminski's Gypsy Jazz Fellowship

Thursday May 9, 2019 07:30 pm EDT
Cost: $20-$25

If you're an Atlanta Braves fan, then you've heard Matthew Kaminski entertain the crowd on the organ! He's a jazz organist (Hammond Organ Artist), pianist, accordionist, and official organist for the Atlanta Braves (since 2009).
Matthew has a passion for the music of guitarist/composer Django Reinhardt and the style of music known as “Gypsy Jazz”. Having played the accordion since his childhood, Matthew has immersed himself in this Gypsy Jazz style, regularly performing in a trio with guitarist Dan Coy and bassist Mark Bynum, as well as the French/Italian musical quartet “Le Grand Fromage”. The Gypsy Jazz Fellowship will present Parisian-style jazz standards, Django Reinhardt songs, romantic ballads, and waltzes. Enjoy the alluring ambiance and let the music transport you. Bon appetit!

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