Tyler Key & Strangers, The Mobros, The dround hounds

Sunday May 5, 2019 07:00 pm EDT
Cost: $8-$10

Showcase at Smith's Olde Bar in their Atlanta Room featuring,

Tyler Key & Strangers

"Tyler Key & Strangers are an Americana band based out of Atlanta and Nashville. Inflections of folk, soul, and country abound on Tyler Key’s new album, Local Support, due in May 2019. "

The Mobros

"“Who are we, and where do we go from here?” These were the questions on the minds of Kelly and Patrick Morris in late 2016. After bringing to an end a long but successful two and a half year tour, playing venues and music halls from small to large from coast to coast including festivals such as SXSW (twice), Midpoint Music Festival, Sweetwater 420 fest to name a few, and recording a live session with Daytrotter. Garnering new fans and attention from various press outlets along the way they averaged over 250 shows a year all in support of their 2014 debut release “Walking With A Different Stride.” In the midst of it all, they found themselves coming to terms with the fact that they were not progressing in the ways they felt they needed to with their songwriting, and recording. Between being on the road and living in Chicago it was hard to find a permanent place to work and move forward with their music in the ways they wanted to do. The brothers packed up and headed back to their home state of South Carolina to find a space conducive to living, writing, and recording without the limitations and pressures of time and money that commercial studios usually entail. They needed a home, somewhere to recuperate and hone the sound and conceptive direction they wanted to take with their next release. They found themselves looking in the city Charleston, SC, two hours south of their hometown of Camden, and a place they had spent some time between tours in 2014. A year later they emerge with a collection of songs that embody the writing and production style developed during their time spent at “Leon’s Electric House.” These works follow suit with challenging the same questions they have asked themselves “Who are we, and Where do we go from here?” The first single off the upcoming release is entitled “Carrie Anne.”"

The dround hounds

"A little bit South of Atlanta, right off Interstate 85 sits the neighborly village of LaGrange, GA. Disappointingly NOT named after the badass ZZ Top song, it is home to a badass homegrown rock duo dishing out bluesy garage sounds like nobody’s business. Husband and wife Ryan & Lindsay Slice, AKA the Dround Hounds, embrace the old adage “less is more” as they try to barge their way into listener’s playlists. With a mix of sultry guitar riffs (Ryan), gravelly vocals (also Ryan) and drums that rattle the soul (this is where Lindsay comes in) the Dround Hounds’ tunes draw comparisons to the Dex Romweber Duo , early Blackfoot Gypsies, the Dead Ex’s and of course the first couple of blues heavy records from The Black Keys 
 Don’t Let Up is an example of how good music can be when it is left in a raw unpolished state. The Dround Hounds’ emotions seep through each note of music as they capture a sound many bands only deliver live. The ten tracks take listeners on a sonic rollercoaster. 
 -Auditory Atlanta-"

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1578 Piedmont Ave. N.E.
Atlanta, GA 30324
(404) 875-1522