Leslie Stevens, Evan Stepp

Julia Brokaw 2 Webres
Courtesy of the EARL
Saturday September 28, 2019 08:30 pm EDT
Cost: $12
At the center of Leslie Stevens’ music is that notoriously heart - catching voice. She can belt it out grandly when she wants to, but the Los Angeles singer also possesses a distinctively honeye d tone that imbues her new album, S inner , with a radiant charisma that sparks both ebullient love songs an d more intimate ballads . Stevens’ voice is so beguiling that she has develope d a thriving sideline as an in - demand singer who has recorded and toured with a litany of disparate musicia ns, including Florence + the Machine, My Morning Jacket’s Jim James, Father John Misty, Jenny O., Joe Walsh, Jackson Browne, Jonny Fritz, and John Fogerty. Stevens might be a singer’s singer, but it is her bold original songwriting that elevates Sinner fr om a merely dazzling vocal showcas e into an artistically ambitious, poignantly affecting and sometimes startling work.
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