The Geek X RV

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Courtesy of Aisle 5
BTOS VOL. 4: The Geek X RV plays Aisle 5 Sat., Sep. 28.
Saturday September 28, 2019 09:00 pm EDT
Cost: $14-$16

The DNA of the French band The Geek x VRV originates from their Beat Tapes “Back To Old School” (BTOS). A tribute to Hip-Hop & amp; Soul classics, it’s the beginning of the story that shows the talent of these two beatmakers.
Their flagship track « It’s Because », released 3 years ago, comes directly from their first Beat Tape and lays the foundation for the The Geek x VRV’s sound today. 
Three volumes of BTOS brought them to a first EP, ORIGAMI, on Embrace Records, a Sold Out Maroquinerie (Paris), 2 USA tours and French festivals in 2016. Finally, they presented their new live set up, with 360° video projection and a brass instrument section, in front of a Sold Out Gaîté Lyrique in January 2017. 
Like a liberating step back, this new tape (BTOS VOL. 4) definitively returns to their musical roots.

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