McKenzie Jasper, Big Brutus

50 Og
Courtesy of Eddie's Attic
Sunday November 3, 2019 06:45 pm EST
Cost: $8-$10

McKenzie is an artist concerned with mysticism of the everyday.

His method generally employs impressionistic and collage techniques , but acknowledges strong aesthetics in any genre.

[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[ In the projects The Desert and Young, McKenzie crafts mosaics of sound. These collections of fragments orchestrate a movement of an individual person through different spaces or rooms. The resulting art is akin to the work of artists such as Andrew Bird, Ben Howard, Sufjan Stevens, Nick Drake, David Crosby, The Tallest Man On Earth, Bon Iver, James Blake, Henry Jamison, and Young the Giant. Like these songsmiths, McKenzie focuses on creating diverse instrumental and ambient textures beneath a rich narrative. ]

Big Brutus, the solo project of Atlanta-based singer-songwriter and guitarist, Sean Bryant, offers an incredibly rich and diverse sophomore album 'The Odd Willow', exploring concepts of mortality, aging, sickness, love, and loss. "Across 11 tracks shimmering with folksy guitar riffs and ambient softness, Bryant works through his ongoing obsession with mortality, shifting from feelings of wonder and appreciation to isolation and resignation" - Creative Loafing "an album that will seep deeper into your veins with each listen" - OpenEars Music "an ambitious record full of dense layers and myriad details that leap out at the listener like so many sparks from a flame" - Immersive Atlanta

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