flipturn, The Brazen Youth, DINNER TIME

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Courtesy of Masquerade
Friday October 25, 2019 07:00 pm EDT
Cost: $10
Like many musicians before them, The Brazen Youth’s Nicholas Lussier, Charles Dahlke, and Micah Rubin dropped out of college to pursue their music, but instead of friends’ couches or parents’ basements, they’re crashing on Dahlke’s family farm, complete with a bare-bones Thoreauvian cabin. Using the influences of nature, slow living, and introspection they take from this lifestyle, The Brazen Youth composes heartfelt songs that ebb and flow in a manner more like poetry or prose, leaving each record feeling like a hand-bound anthology. While somewhat experimental in terms of song structure and sampling, their sound is otherwise raw, classic indie folk, and conveys the wintery aesthetic of their Connecticut home. — Narah Landress
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