This Will Destroy You, Christopher Tignor

Courtesy the Masquerade
Sunday November 10, 2019 07:00 pm EST
Cost: $15
Are there some themes and motifs that are better communicated without words? Instrumental rock band This Will Destroy You thinks so, and not just because Jeremy Galindo’s vocals can be so bad they’re laughable. The band got their start in San Marcos, Texas in 2004 and decided on their signature, voiceless direction after a playback comparison of their first recorded track with and without vocals. The latter just felt right. Their music has found a wider audience in the last 15 years, particularly as accompaniment to documentaries, movies, and art installations. Each song brings to mind themes of destiny, nature, and — particularly with their newest records New Others part one and two — emotional turmoil. Join them for a night of introspection on these themes, with guitar riffs that aim at your heart and drums that beat at your soul. — Narah Landress
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