The Stanky Stomp, a Day-Time Dance Party

Stanky Wine
Courtesy of City Winery
Sunday December 22, 2019 01:00 pm EST
Cost: $50
Stanky Wine, a Dirty South Hip Hop Natural Wine Bar pop-up, featuring the dynamic duo of Juan Cortes and Bradford Tolleson, will throw The Stanky Stomp, a day-time dance party from 1 to 4 p.m. Sunday, December 22 at City Winery. Cortes and Tolleson’s weekly Stanky Wine parties have become notorious for being loud and in your face. They are now ready to add a DJ and a larger space Tolleson, Beverage Director of Brush Sushi Izakaya, and Cortes, Sommelier at Atlas, have been throwing Stanky Wine every Thursday from 10 p.m. to 1 a.m. at Brush Sushi Izakaya for over a year, creating a fun, unpretentious environment to enjoy rare and esoteric natural wines. Now the Stanky Stomp is about to get people’s booties moving. This day-time dance party will feature tastings of 25 wines, small bites, and a DJ blasting classic Dirty South Hip Hop. “We’re here to promote small wine producers that turn their products into its own unique art form,” Cortes said. “It doesn’t have to be nerdy unless you make it that way.” Adding to that sentiment, “Wine is alcohol. Drink it and have fun!,” Tolleson said. “We don’t host tastings. We throw parties.” Stanky Wine has created quite a buzz in Atlanta, attracting industry folks, foodies, and new friends who follow @stankywine on Instagram. Their parties, usually accompanied by ATL celebrity chefs, are loud, raucous, and full and people smiling from ear to ear. It has created so much buzz that Cortes and Tolleson are currently working on their own travel tv show about finding wine in unusual places. Their first episode will be released in a few months. Cortes and Tolleson are also broadening their reach and currently working on expanding Stanky Wine regionally and opening up shop in Chattanooga, Nashville, Birmingham, and Charleston. “It’s called Stanky-Philia,” Tolleson said. “We’re ready to spread our gospel to the masses.” For more information on Stanky Wine/City Winery’s Day-Time Dance Party, follow Stanky Wine on Instagram “@stankywine”
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