Natural Born Leaders, Artimus, Michael Forde, Little Wooden Indian

Courtesy of Smith's Olde Bar
Thursday January 9, 2020 07:00 pm EST
Cost: $5-$10

"With a sound that floats seamlessly between rock, reggae, jazz, hip-hop [[[[[[[[[[[[[[[and] funk" (Live Music Daily), Natural Born Leaders aim to bring a fresh groove to America's soundscape. The Asheville, NC based quintet is comprised of charismatic frontman and lead vocalist Michael Martinez, keepers of the beat James Eddington (bass) and Kevin Murtha (drums), shredder Rex Shaffer (guitar), and the eloquent Ben Survant (saxophone).

In June of 2018, Natural Born Leaders were among a handful of top submissions for NPR Music's Tiny Desk song competition. As a result, they were recognized by Weekend Edition's Scott Simon in a nationally syndicated feature interview. While this "big break" has helped propel the group forward, it is their consistent dedication to the grind that is proving fruitful. Monthly tour runs throughout the year and a steady growth of media appearances have made Natural Born Leaders a widespread crowd-favorite. With a magnetic beat and solid rhyme, it's hard not to groove along with every song.

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