Blackfox, The Yum Yum Tree, Orchid Mantis

Courtesy of Smith's Olde Bar
Saturday January 11, 2020 09:00 pm EST
Cost: $8-$10

Blackfox is a ragged tale told in a burned-out brothel behind an abandoned church; folk forms wrapped in wire and soaked in bourbon. The songwriting and genre experimentation of veteran multi-instrumentalist and seer of visions Stacey Cargal rides on a carpet of sound built by a collection of longtime friends and scene-mates. The band works a mix of garage, blues, gospel and country-inflected songs and pushes them into new sonic territories with aspects of noise and space rock.

"Ranging from hard rocking, almost punk bombast, gentle acoustic driven ballads, and psych-ambient rambles… at times as sinister as black metal, but then shifting to more melodic and palatable tone, Blackfox maintains an edge that keeps the listener on edge, while providing an entertaining and satisfying experience."

- Creative Loafing

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