Matthew Mayes, John Meyer

Friday April 10, 2020 08:00 pm EDT
Cost: $20

Matthew B Mayes is the founder, principal songwriter, lead singer, Guitar and Guijo player for Jupiter Coyote. He has been playing music professionally for 30 years and has recorded 18 albums with Jupiter Coyote, The Raptor Trail, and his solo projects. He has played thousands of shows, toured everywhere, and sold a truckload of albums, streams and downloads. His songwriting has been compared to Robert Hunter and Bob Dylan and he pulls from a wide range of experiences and millions of miles of travel.

Matt has also released 4 albums with The Raptor Trail and JC members John Meyer and Gene Bass. A melodic prog band, a richly layered and sophisticated form of progressive rock music with very intelligent lyrical content. Imagine if the Allman Brothers and Rush were is a jam session, and Pink Floyd had a Guijo player.

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