Blues Beatles

Blues Beatles
Photo Courtesy: The Vista Room
Sunday March 15, 2020 08:00 PM EDT
Cost: $13-$18,

From the venue:

The first fabulous Blues Beatles twist on a legendary band that caught people’s attention was 'A Hard Days Night' and now has more than 2 million views ! The band has worked and reworked many tracks since it was formed, but only the natural soundin ones stay in the repertoire. Their arrangements combine blues & soul grooves that suit the vocals of the songs while adding a different feel to them. Instrumental solos and improv are an integral part of the Blues Beatles style. Their fiery live performances showcase their individual and collective skills as soloists.


Blues Beatles started during the breaks of the rehearsals of Today – an original band that Marcos Viana, Flavio Naves, Bruno Falcão and Fred Barley started in 2012. Marcos, the singer, would invariably pick up his acoustic guitar and start playing Beatles songs. The other members of the band were amazed at how natural the songs sounded, as if he had written them himself. Being blues players the rest of the band started adding their blues twist to these “break songs”.

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