"And Then We Danced" screening and reception

Wednesday March 4, 2020 07:00 pm EST
Cost: $11
A passionate tale of love and liberation set amidst the ultraconservative confines of modern Georgian society, the excellent And Then We Danced" follows Merab ( Levan Gelbakhiani), a talented and devoted dancer, frustrated by the rigid restrictions of his dance coach, who proclaims that there is no room for softness in a dance that “honors the spirit of the nation.” Sensitive and headstrong, Merab has been training for years with his partner and best friend Mary (Ana Javakishvili) for a coveted spot in the National Georgian Ensemble, a potential escape from poverty and gateway to fame. The arrival of another male dancer, handsome Irakli (Bachi Valishvili)—gifted with perfect form and equipped with a rebellious streak—throws Merab off balance, sparking both an intense rivalry and a forbidden desire that may cause him to risk his future in dance as well as his relationships S
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