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Voicing the Unspeakable: Chelsea Rathburn’s Poetry at AJC Decatur Book Festival

Sunday September 20, 2020 06:30 pm EDT
Cost: Free
Chelsea Rathburn joins us to discuss the ability of poetry and memoir to highlight the experiences of marginalized people in this interview with Dr. Nicole Stamant. In Rathburn’s latest book, Still Life with Mother and Knife, she seeks to voice matters once deemed unspeakable, from collisions between children and predators to the realities of postpartum depression. Intimate and fearless, her poems move in interlocking sections between the pleasures and dangers of childhood, between masterpieces of art and magazine centerfolds, and—in a gripping sequence in dialogue with Delacroix’s paintings and sketches of Medea—between the twinned ferocities of maternal love and rage. Nothing will be truly off limits in this compelling conversation about identity and self-representation.
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